Integrity School – Nepal

Practicing Integrity Through Innovation, Value-Shifting and Trend-Setting

The Integrity School brings together the most deserving and passionate young government employees to support integrity through an accelerated program over the course of a year. The school aims to build future leaders who will be the building blocks of an accountability ecosystem in Nepal. The school will provide key opportunities for leadership development, learning and mentorship, hands on training, and powerful networking to amplify the impact of integrity on governance outcomes over time.

The key objectives of the school are:

  • To create a peer learning platform for young government officials to discuss integrity, the challenges to building accountability and practical examples of how to shift norms within bureaucratic systems;
  • To support the development and piloting of innovative ideas around integrity and institutional accountability among young government officials.
  • To prepare the next generation of honest government officials and thought leaders in public sector with the skills and networks they need to thrive over time.

The participants in the Integrity School will be supported throughout by the significant Integrity Idol network we have developed over the past 5 years which includes: 25 Integrity Idols, many of whom are now in senior positions within government, along with hundreds of “top 30” officials who are also supportive of this cause; high-level jury panel members including retired heads within civil service, journalists and senior civil society representatives who are widely respected for their integrity and other government officials, volunteers, interns, fellows, assigned mentors, and peers, all of whom have similar experiences in the field. Following the completion of the Integrity School, we can expect the participants to become role models for integrity, demonstrating confidence and leadership with humility to institutionalize integrity in their respective work environments.

Meet the scholars for 2020

Dipa Pangyani

A resident of Syangja, Dipa moved to Kathmandu to work in the Ministry of Land Management in Kalanki as a non-gazetted level two government official. Knowing that there are many challenges while working within Nepal’s government system, Dipa joined Integrity School to learn from her peer’s past experiences on how to overcome said challenges and to learn effective and innovative problem-solving methods.

Integrity for me is: Integrity is a practice that makes us work reliably, which in turn increases our confidence.

When I’m not at work: I am meeting my friends.

Phan Narayan Adhikari

As a non-gazetted level second at the Survey Department in Bhaktapur, Phan Narayan is very passionate about serving his nation. He puts pride in being a Nepali citizen and believes civil service is the only job for him. With a passion for knowledge, he believes that transformation is a must for our current government system and hopes to learn and share about the ethical, moral and discipline values in public service through Integrity School.

Integrity for me is: Integrity for me is having strong moral values and fulfilling your work responsibility honestly to ensure contentment in your service receivers.

When I’m not at work: I am studying.