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Integrity Icon is a global campaign by Accountability Lab that is powered by citizens in search of honest government officials. It aims to generate debate around the idea of integrity and demonstrate the importance of honesty and personal responsibility. We hope to inspire a new generation to be more effective public servants.

About - Celebrate, Encourag and Connect Civil Servants | Integrity Icon
About - Celebrate, Encourag and Connect Civil Servants | Integrity Icon

Integrity Icon began in Nepal in 2014, spread to Liberia in 2015 and has now evolved into a global campaign that is active in Nepal, Liberia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Mali, South Africa and Mexico.

Local teams of volunteers travel across their countries gathering nominations from citizens, hosting public forums and generating a national discourse on the need for public officials with integrity. The nominees are narrowed down to a final 5 in each country with the help of independent panels of experts.

View our Integrity Icon Verification Process here.

These finalists are then filmed and these episodes are shown on national television and played on the radio for a week, creating a national discussion offline and online. Citizens can vote for their favorites through SMS short-codes and through the website. The winner in each country is crowned in a national ceremony in the capital.

About - Celebrate, Encourag and Connect Civil Servants | Integrity Icon

Read more about previous finalists and winners in their respective country pages. We are now building a network between these finalists and supporting their reform efforts. Over time, we hope a network like this can shift behaviors and build the trust that is essential for functioning, accountable government.

Integrity Icon celebrates individuals, but those that serve the public good. It provides an outlet for a national conversation in positive terms about the change we would like to see and the people we would like to be working in government on our behalf.

Eligibility of candidates for Integrity Icon

Public servants who work with integrity to consistently high standards in their engagement with the public, and those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, are eligible to be nominated as an Integrity Icon. Their conduct should be exemplary and admirable, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. Preference is given to local level officials. Retired officials or those working on a contractual basis are not eligible.

An applicant should:

  • Be a current employee working full time in any government office, agency or department with at least 5 years of service to go before retirement (in some countries there are restrictions on sectors)

  • Have served in government jobs for at least 5 years at the time of nomination for Integrity Icon

  • Have honestly fulfilled his/her duties and responsibilities as a government official/civil servant with integrity

  • Not have been convicted of a crime or any kind of misuse of power, or indicted by any state body

  • Be open to participating in the campaign and the public voting process, and must abide by the decisions of the panel of judges’ and the outcome of the public voting process

  • Be willing to be filmed, with images broadcast on local, national and international media.

A nomination should include the following criteria:

  • Significance of the impact of the initiatives undertaken.

  • The extent of impact this effort/activity may have had beyond the personal sphere of influence.

  • Extent to which formidable challenges that appear strong and difficult for a person holding such position were overcome.

  • Ability to use the initiative as a benchmark in public service.

  • Extent to which the opportunity provided by the position he/she holds is used as leverage to engage in the initiatives undertaken.

  • It has to be clear that the nominee is being nominated for integrity and not simply for carrying out their duties competently.