Nominations for the 2020 Integrity Icon campaign are officially closed. Keep an eye on our social media platforms to get updates on selection and voting.

Last year, our five Integrity Icon Pakistan 2019 winners were honored at a special ceremony in Islamabad and each given an award recognising their unique brand of integrity. Zahid Ali Khan Khattak won Integrity with Resilience; Rizwan Akram Sherwani, Integrity with Innovation; Rohana Kakar, Integrity with Bravery and Imran Zia, Integrity with Humility. Umar Tufail won the People’s Choice award by gaining the highest number of votes.


Discover who our Icons are here and below.

Zahid Ali Khan Khattak

Rizwan Akram Sherwani

Imran Zia

Umar Tufail