Integrity Icon Niger is a national movement that happens on the ground, online and through the media. Its goal is to identify and celebrate honest and honest public servants of public administration. Its aim is to generate a constructive conversation about integrity and accountability and to build a network of civil servants who can fight corruption. The Integrity Icon Project highlights integrity in the public to enable Nigerians to question existing realities; to support behavioural changes that can improve people’s lives.

Soumaïla Garba Bogou

Soumaïla Garba Bogou has a sense of duty well done and the spirit of a leader concerned about the future of his country, hence the esteem of the hierarchy and the respect of his men. He has carried out several missions in Niger, including the mission to secure the Niger-Nigerian borders in the fight against terrorism, the mission to secure the Niger-Malian borders in the fight against terrorist groups and the blue helmets in the 2015 Niger contingent in Côte d’Ivoire as operations officer.

Amadou Camara

Our world in general and the least developed countries in particular suffer from corruption in all areas of our existence. As a teacher, believing in fair education for all, and concerned about training competent future managers, Amadou believes that fraud and corruption in the education system are more disastrous than ignorance. Not only do they plague the education system, but they also promote incompetent and irresponsible men and women. “For the elimination of corruption and fraud, I commit myself without any ulterior motive!”


Adama Assoumane

Adama Assoumane was a volunteer at the civil registry office of the Dioundiou town hall in 2004. Given her determination and her qualities to serve the country, the population speaks a lot about her. Her service to the needs of the people has made her a model in her environment. She reflects the integrity to which every good citizen aspires.

Issa Ango

Issa Ango served in Mehana in the river region as a CSI officer and was posted to Zarmaganda where he served in Baniboungou, Dingazi Banda, Bané Beri and Ouallam toujo- urs as a CSI officer. He passed the professional entrance exam to the Abdou Moumouni University of Niamey, to enroll in ENT and obtain his degree in health science option ENT and since this year, he was assigned to the RHC of Maradi for the position ”Major service ENT” before being assigned to the transfer pharmacy. Through an association he promotes a breed ”Ballemis” and especially fights against its disappearance.

Djamilatou Issoufou Mamane

After her primary and secondary education, she obtained a Master II in Administration and Business Management during her higher education. Djamilatou has completed several internships in the Nigerien ministries, NGOs and Nigerien Enterprise. Her determination and love of her work gave her more motivation to become an Agent at the Court of Auditors. “Integrity and honesty in our work must be a duty for all, if we really want the development of a state.”