Brave future possibilities by ‘Naming and Faming’ honest public servants

On January 11, 2021, Accountability Lab Nepal revealed the top 5 winners of Integrity Icon 2020. The live-streamed event on Facebook, hosted by former Miss Nepal, Sadichha Shrestha, began with a short interview with the CEO of Accountability Lab Nepal, Narayan Adhikari, and a Jury member of the 2020 campaign, Sucheta Pyakuryal. This was followed by the screening of the videos of 2020’s Integrity Icons. In the closed event conducted at the Open Gov Hub, Adhikari and Pyakuryal spoke about the need [...]

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Woman, 52, Wins Accountability Icon Award

O.Wanga Z. Wanley, 52-years old nurse and Officer in Charge (OIC) of the Totoquelleh Clinic in Gbarpolu County, has been crowned by Accountability Lab Liberia as the most inspiring female public servant of the year 2020. Mrs. Wanley’s preferment for the 2020 Integrity Icon award of Liberia came as a surprise to her. She was selected among 30 individuals from different public sectors who were vetted for diligence and sincerity in public service. Accountability Lab has been awarding public servant [...]

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Conversation Lab: Fixing Local Government

By Nontshi Shange  The year 2020 marks a year that no South African will forget. In the face of a pandemic, we as a nation have had to rely on all levels of government to lead us and place us as citizens first. Many have been in hopeless situations due to the effects of the Covid-19 virus and the associated lockdown.  So South Africans were crushed to hear that  R500-billion in Covid-19 social relief funds were allegedly looted. As voters prepare for the 2021 local government election, how can w [...]

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Celebrating integrity in SA’s public service

Doing what’s right even when no one is watching in a sector crowned by bureaucracy, criticism and lack of resources can be a challenging task to undertake, especially  for those individuals who have dedicated themselves to serving the public and the larger community with integrity.   But for our Integrity Icon South Africa winners - it is the positive impact they have on others, that makes it that much more easier for them to serve with integrity. We are proud to celebrate these exemplary public [...]

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Introducing our 2020 Philadelphia Integrity Icons

Today we are introducing the first five winners of our Integrity Icon Philadelphia campaign! This amazing group of public servants is made up of exemplary men and women working in public health and education supporting different needs for their community.   Meet our first winner, Carlos Aponte! Carlos Aponte is a history teacher at One Bright Ray Community High School, a school for over-age and under-credited students, and the president of We Love Philly, a non- profit organization that emp [...]

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Men talk GBV in Mpumalanga, and how they can be the change

By Nontshi Shange When discussing gender-based violence, it is important to consider masculinity. The toxic traits young boys learn on the road to becoming men, will ultimately affect women. This topic is often down-played when discussing gender-based violence and the onus is placed on women to keep themselves safe. However, at the Lydenberg Accountabili'tea discussion, the importance of educating boys on how to become men who will grow society and respect women, took center stage. The event was [...]

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Jocelin Flank fights for the next generation of firefighters

By Farai Savanhu “I am paying it forward. I am paving the way for someone to have it easier than I did.” This was the main theme of the discussion with 2018 Integrity Icon, Jocelin Flank.  The passionate fire-fighter was in conversation with youth activist Pearl Pillay for the fourth installment of Accountability Lab South Africa’s, “Meet the Icon” sessions. The webinar took place on the 26th of November 2020.  Join us this week Thurs at 5pm - 6pm for our next Meet the Icon webinar. Activist and [...]

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DEBATE: Should SA demolish provincial governments?

By Nontshisekelo Shange Local elections are scheduled to go ahead in 2021 amid the Covid-19 pandemic. There have been calls for the local government elections to be merged with the 2024 national elections due to safety concerns caused by the Coronavirus. The IEC has been in ongoing conversations with the department of cooperative governance and traditional affairs with regards to possible dates. But merging these elections can cause issues for some municipalities that require effective change. B [...]

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Youth politics… without the political parties: could it work?

By Nontshisekelo Shange South African politics is shifting. There now exists the potential for political players to leave behind larger parties without joining or forming another one. On 11 June 2020, the Constitutional Court declared the Electoral Act, 1998 unconstitutional to the extent that it prevents independent candidates from running for public office. This would allow political candidates to run for the presidency without having to be affiliated with a political party. This changes the f [...]

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Is voting enough?

By Nontshi Shange The Coronavirus pandemic has brought to light many of the cracks in South Africa’s governing systems. Although South Africa is no stranger to corruption, the looting of state funds, the failure to supply the community with food parcels, hand sanitizers, and face masks, have shown low-income communities that they can only rely on themselves during the pandemic. On 20 November 2020, the Clermont community was joined together by  Shakespear Baleni, an Activator and community leade [...]

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