True greatness: a lesson from two audiologists

"Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service.” That powerful quote by Martin Luther King Jr has been a guiding light for Integrity Icon 2019 winner Sakhile Nkosi.  The award-winning audiologist was in conversation with his friend and fellow audiologist, Vera-Genevey Hlayisi, for the second installment of Accountability Lab South Africa’s “Meet the Icon” sessions. The virtual meet-up took place on 17 September 2020 - right in the middle of He [...]

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Battling gender biases and working with integrity in Khayelitsha

The struggles of community leaders in their attempts to access services and development opportunities, without sacrificing integrity, were raised at Accountability Lab’s first Accountabili’tea’ Conversation. Written by Siliziwe Mtwa   Hosted by Mbonleleli Gqirana, coordinator of the Community Action Network in Site C, Khayelitsha, the discussion was an opportunity for youth leaders, SMEs, nonprofit organisations and project organisers to discuss youth, development and accountability in the [...]

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Public healthcare is challenging and rewarding in equal measure

The balance between rewards and challenges in public healthcare was in the spotlight in this webinar, part of Integrity Icon South Africa's 'Meet the Icon' series. The lively discussion took place between Integrity Icon and Oudtshoorn GP Dr Mirja Delport, Johannesburg medical officer, Dr Nokukhanya Khanyile and students from various universities. Written by Farai Savanhu   Hosted in partnership with the Danish Embassy in South Africa, the series is intended to foster conversations about int [...]

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Recognizing Unsung City Heroes

Who are the city workers helping to keep Philadelphians clean, cool and safe during this hot summer of Covid? Nominate them for Integrity Icon. By Sara Hoenes. The coronavirus has changed nearly every aspect of our lives. As we adjust to our new normal, we’ve also had the opportunity to see just how important an ethical and well-functioning local government is. Most of our attention has been focused on elected, high-level positions, like mayors and governors. Their daily briefings and enforcemen [...]

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Public Safety Needs Public Accountability

Who are the police and court officers working to make Philadelphia a better city for all of us? Nominate one for Integrity Icon today. By Sara Hoenes In recent weeks, many Americans have experienced an awakening around police violence and systemic racism. In response to the killing of George Floyd, people have taken to the streets in droves to protest—but in Philadelphia, this is no new issue. Philly has a long history of police violence and lack of accountability. There have been years of viole [...]

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Celebrating Philly’s Public Health Heroes

Local health officials are hard at work every day to keep Philadelphians safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Nominate one for Integrity Icon today. By Sara Hoenes. It was in the early days of the coronavirus that many Philadelphians first heard the name that has now become the go-to for news, advice and information about the deadly virus: Philadelphia Public Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley, Farley, former New York City Health Commissioner, has been in his post for four years, during whic [...]

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Who’s Your Philly Hero?

Philly has some serious challenges. Let’s celebrate those public servants rising to meet them. By Blair Glencorse & Sara Hoenes t’s tough in Philadelphia right now. Covid-19 is spreading, with well over 20,000 cases in the city and with effects that are exacerbating existing inequalities: Racial injustices continue while free speech in response seems to be under threat, and even professional sports remains on hold. Meanwhile, President Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican Party ar [...]

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Exploring social norms with Tufts University

Accountability Lab is excited to announce our collaboration with the Corruption, Justice & Legitimacy Program (CJL) at The Fletcher School at Tufts University. CJL’s Social Norms and Corruption project will be working with our flagship program – Integrity Icon – to understand how best to effectively monitor and evaluate change in social norms related to corruption.  Integrity Icon “names and fames” honest government officials, building coalitions for integrity among the winners and inspiring [...]

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“I think I will be engaged in social services as long as I live”

A senior midwife of great experience, Sita Kumari Sharma speaks very seriously about the public service. She has many stories too, about her experiences at Nepal’s Birendranagar Municipal Health Office. But if you ask her about the public service, her sense of duty is what she talks about. “If sharing my knowledge helps people, brings positive change or adds a new dimension to their life, even if no one else does, I feel internally motivated to do so. I think I will be engaged in social services [...]

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Four lessons the COVID-19 crisis can teach us about data-driven storytelling

COVID-19 has shown that it's possible to communicate urgent health and hygiene information in ways that prompt people to take action. The success of the iconic "Flatten the Curve” chart illustrates the power of data-driven storytelling. We can use this approach to drive social change in other areas, but we must do so safely, responsibly and ethically. The coronavirus pandemic has exposed deep structural problems that go far beyond conventional ideas of public health, not least the impacts of per [...]

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