Kacheilom Betram Roberts-Ndukwe is a Teacher at the Government Secondary School in Ataba community, Andoni LGA, Rivers State. She once investigated and exposed a teacher who was receiving a salary from the school while moonlighting as a banker instead of teaching. The teacher’s name had been continuously reflected on the voucher for monthly payments in collaboration with the principal who was sharing her monthly pay.

In another instance, Kacheilom responded to concerns from students about their West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) fees being increased abruptly. When she anonymously reported the issue to the community head, she found out that there was an insider that exposed her as the inquisitor. She personally investigated further to discover the extortion was directly from the School Principal, and she reported him to the Education board. He was subsequently disciplined and asked to refund all monies extorted from the students.

She supported the revamping of a bore hole in the community in order to provide access to water, raises concerns about student’s welfare and expends her personal finances to meet their academic needs. Kacheilom believes that everyone deserves to be treated in a fair and honest manner and that integrity involves being truthful and sincere in all you do.

Watch the inspiring short film on Kacheilom below.