CSP Francis Osagie Erhabor is a Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of D Division, Itam, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state. He has never taken a bribe in 29 years of active service. In the police force’s D Division, bail is free and no policeman dares take a bribe from community members. His officers have earned the trust of the community for their stand on integrity and this has gained the needed support and collaboration to fight local crimes. He is very involved in community projects and mentoring young people.

While on duty as the pipeline commander in Edo State, he refused bribes of 1.5 million naira offered to him weekly from four individuals who were involved in illegal oil bunkering. In addition, he rejected 500,000 naira per week as returns from his subordinates, given to them as bribes to allow adulterated petroleum products to be brought into the state. Rejecting these tempting offers earned him several enemies, especially considering that his 37,500 naira monthly allowance was not steady.

He states that his belief in integrity stems from the trust and respect he has earned from the community he serves, which makes his job easier. He advocates “standing for truth even when no one is on your side.” In future, he hopes to actualise a Police Force that is the dream of the citizenry.

Watch the inspiring short film on Francis below.