Christian Ngozi Ahiauzu is the Head of the Network Infrastructure Unit of ICTC at the University of Port Harcourt. He is an IT consultant who mandates due process in the selection of contractors to promote Open Contracting and Transparency, and ensures that such jobs are done according to specification without undue compensation. His life, livelihood, and his family members have been threatened due to his refusal to compromise his integrity.

In order to improve accountability and integrity at work, he developed workflows which gave rise to computer applications which track and monitor the registration and use of the University Intranet system. He has equally maintained a workforce who believe in his modus operandi, with his integrity as an example for them to follow. He states that integrity is like a life style for him, and he believes that with integrity and responsibility in the use of power, Nigeria can actually become a better place.

In the future, he wishes to venture into entrepreneurship, thereby becoming an employer and also, giving back to the society. Additionally, he intends to become a motivational speaker, who will champion movements for social change. He currently runs a Facebook page called Ambassadors of Change in an effort to drive advocacy for change in Nigeria.

Watch the inspiring short film on Christian below.