True greatness: a lesson from two audiologists

"Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service.” That powerful quote by Martin Luther King Jr has been a guiding light for Integrity Icon 2019 winner Sakhile Nkosi.  The award-winning audiologist was in conversation with his friend and fellow audiologist, Vera-Genevey Hlayisi, for the second installment of Accountability Lab South Africa’s “Meet the Icon” sessions. The virtual meet-up took place on 17 September 2020 - right in the middle of He [...]

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Public healthcare is challenging and rewarding in equal measure

The balance between rewards and challenges in public healthcare was in the spotlight in this webinar, part of Integrity Icon South Africa's 'Meet the Icon' series. The lively discussion took place between Integrity Icon and Oudtshoorn GP Dr Mirja Delport, Johannesburg medical officer, Dr Nokukhanya Khanyile and students from various universities. Written by Farai Savanhu   Hosted in partnership with the Danish Embassy in South Africa, the series is intended to foster conversations about int [...]

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Integrity Icon at King’s College Nepal

“You can’t change the system through plain speaking; you need to get into the system and change it with your own will” – Srijana Tiwari On 19th September 2019,  Integrity Icon Mrs. Srijana Tiwari visited King’s College Nepal to make future leaders aware about key issues of integrity in the civil society. In the presence of 31 students, Mrs. Tiwari, Undersecretary of Ministry of Industry Commerce and Supplies, shared her career history. “The first time I visited the District Administration Office [...]

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“Integrity is a team effort”

“Integrity is a team effort, not just the work of a single person” ~Kajiman Rai, Integrity Icon 2019 It takes more than one person to promote, maintain and preserve integrity. Sometimes you have to go above your TOR, and if your team is not ready to work with you, it gets difficult to walk this path alone. Kajiman Rai, an Integrity Icon from Nepal for 2019, took the initiative to lead the summit with his own principles on what it takes to walk on the path of integrity. His strong words became th [...]

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