Pakistan 2018

Aamir Shehzad

Aamir Shehzad is a Social Welfare Officer at the Office of Social Welfare in Islamabad. This is generally one of the positions most susceptible to corruption as Aamir is in charge of registering NGOs, which can be quite lucrative. But throughout the office he is known for his integrity and accountability, turning away those that try to pay him bribes or pressure him to act in their interests. Despite being relatively new to government, Aamir is setting new standards within Islamabad and beyond and showing the integrity that a new generation of civil servants can bring to government. 

Amjad Iqbal

Amjad Iqbal is District Commander of the Elite Force in Shangla, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. He is renowned for his bravery, honesty and commitment to the rule of law. After raiding a gang smuggling drugs in 2016 he became the target of criminal networks including several assassination attempts but his commitment to the law has never wavered. Amjad credits his commitment to the Pakistani people as the key to his safety. Every day, Amjad is indicating just how far our government officials need to go to support accountability in Pakistan.

Azadi Fateh

Azadi Fateh is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mass Communications af Federal Urdu University in Karachi. She believes strongly that integrity begins with education, and in the power of knowledge to change Pakistan. She has fought corruption and insecurity on university campuses through offering students access to peace and conflict resolution classes and finding opportunities for them to study abroad; and has worked to formalize the university’s relations with the Karachi Press Club, to support a new generation of journalists who can push for accountability. 

Shehryar Gul

Shehryar Gul is a Deputy Commissioner in the Deputy Commissioner’ Office in Mir Pur Khas, Sindh; and known as one of the most progressive public servants in the province. Throughout his career in the public service he has worked to innovate within government systems, gather data to drive decisions and use technology to better serve citizens. During the 2018 elections, Shehryar managed to ensure a free and fair vote, despite significant political pressure and efforts to mobilize government machinery in support of certain candidates.

Batool Asadi

Batool Asadi is the Additional Commissioner Revenue at the Commissioner Revenue Office in Quetta, Balochistan. Batool is renowned for her courage in the face of integrity challenges and was the first female civil servant to serve as a field Assistant Commissioner in interior Balochistan. She quickly became known within the communities in which she worked as a person of deep honesty and commitment to the truth; and is working to reform government in Balochistan from within.
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