Pakistan 2017

Saqib Zafar

Saqib belongs to the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) and is from the 25 CTP batch. Integrity and professionalism are the attributes which he has carried throughout his service. He believes that integrity should not be gauged only through financial matters but also on work ethics and professional commitment. Although he has served on numerous important and sensitive assignments like District Coordination Office (DCO) Rawalpindi, DCO Attock, Executive District Officer (EDO) (Finance & Planning) Rawalpindi, Secretary (I&C) Punjab and Secretary Information Technology in Balochistan. Currently he is serving as commissioner Bahawalpur in Punjab Province.

Farid Ud Din Mustafa

With over fifteen years in the public sector, Farid started his career as an Assistant Commissioner in the Industrial area of Islamabad. He has worked as a Deputy Commissioner and as a Director at Land and Rehabilitation Capital Development Authority (CDA). From 2014 – 2016 he served as the deputy Secretary to the Prime Minister after which he moved to Karachi as a Deputy Commissioner to lead the process of clearing the 28-kilometre-long Gujjar Nala in Karachi, removing more than 14,000 households and structures that have encroached on land for the past 50 years. Farid was offered millions of rupees of bribe to let the illegal settlers remain there. Upon refusal, he faced numerous threats to his life, but he never caved in. Currently he is working as a Deputy Commissioner Jamshoro in Sindh province.

Afifa Khattak

Afifa represents one of the most progressive and empowered faces of women in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. For the last sixteen years, as a member of the Institute of Management Sciences at the University of Peshawar Afifa has acted as a role model not only for her students, but also for senior and junior colleagues. She is always dedicated to her work, always available to the students, and never hesitates to go the extra mile to assist her students. On occasions, Afifa has been approached by the influential families, who tried incentivize her to help their children clear exams with good marks – she never caved in. She is known among her students as someone who stresses on personal integrity and honesty as a must-have value in life.

Zafar Iqbal Khan

Zafar Khan works for the Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC). With over twenty-five years’ experience, he has served in numerous positions though most recently as Director of Accounts. Many times throughout his career he had the chance to take a bribe but he remained committed to remaining honest. As an honest, hardworking professional, he has demonstrated and transferred his professional and technical knowledge to those he works with and encourages them to display the same characteristics.

Rubab Hameed Durrani

Rubab Durrani started her career in Public sector in 1987 as a lecturer. In 2005, she was appointed as a principal of a girls college. Three years later, she was promoted to the post of joint director of colleges. She has conducted many programs at both national and international level for the betterment of provincial education and in particular girls education.
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