Pakistan 2016

Rai Manzoor Hussain Nasir

Rai Manzoor Hussain Nasir is Secretary at the Punjab Cooperative Board for Liquidation, where isn’t happy unless he’s doing the best work he can. In addition to working long hours, and thoroughly preparing for every day’s meetings, he treats all of his colleagues with great respect. He even gives the public access to contact him at any time, so that they’re voices are heard. Although he is particularly careful to use all official money correctly, he firmly believes that money can’t buy the satisfaction of helping people and that this satisfaction is the ultimate reward.

Farukh Attique

Farukh Attique is Deputy Commissioner of Mastung, Balochistan where he’s dedicated his career to serving the public with justice. Despite security concerns, Farukh tries to keep an open door policy for the citizens he serves and prefers to interact with people face to face. His dedication to openness has also led him to support measures allowing the public access to all public sector documents because he believes shared information is reliable information.

Meher Un Nisa

Meher Un Nisa is the Media Coordinator for the Planning and Development Department of Sindh. Her role there involves bridging the gap between the department and the people it serves, many of whom don’t know about the projects planned that may impact them. By sharing information widely she helps build accountability and transparency in the communities. She truly believes that there is no greater honor than serving and working for the people of the Islamic Republic as a public servant.

Imtiaz Khan Khichi

Imtiaz Khan Khichi is Assistant Commissioner of Depalpur, District Okara. He knew from childhood that he wanted to work in the civil sector, to fulfill his dream “to work for the welfare and the wellbeing of the public.” In his role, he’s been known to work very long hours in tasks such as protecting citizens’ lands against encroachment. He hopes to inspire others to join the civil service and strive to perform their jobs with justice.

Fida Hussain

Fida Hussain works as a lab assistant in the government post graduate college in Mardan. He exemplifies integrity by performing every aspect of his job with great dedication, from providing quality lab experiments to respecting his students and colleagues. Outside the classroom, he encourages students to be disciplined and respectful in their personal lives as well. He dreams of achieving development through consistent honesty in the public sector. There is a common perception that public sector employees don’t work hard, which inspired Fida to join it to change that perception with his honesty and diligence.
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