Nigeria 2018

Abdul Majid Oniyanyi

Abdul Majid Oniyanyi, a magistrate with the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Magistrate’s Court, Abuja, Nigeria. Abdul ensures court trial processes and judgments are always transparent and open, especially issues around the Nigerian Police Force and members of the general public. His model is not to entertain anyone who has a pending case before him. He works assiduously to ensure judicial processes are unbiased, fair and corrupt free.

Benson Agwu

Benson Agwu, a veteran journalist with Ebonyi State Newspaper Corporation, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. He is a dedicated and courageous investigative reporter known for constructive criticism and monitoring of government expenditures.  Benson was exiled from Ebonyi state for 9 years after exposing officials of government’s (at the state level) involved in a bank robbery in 2003.  Furthermore, in order to stop the menace of political assassination, he has published articles exposing corrupt government security personnel used as political tools in Ebonyi state.

Aremu Kehinde

Aremu Kehinde, a Deputy Director at the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). Also doubles as the NYSC State Coordinator, Anambra State, Nigeria. He was previously nominated for 2017 Integrity Idol. In ensuring government systems are accountable and transparent, he pioneered the digitalization of the NYSC staff records systems and redesigned the current NYSC mobilization process using an electronic platform with safeguards that makes external intrusion/ manipulations difficult, while maintaining high level of data integrity. In the process of doing this, he uncovered inconsistencies in documentations involving colleagues and superiors. This discoveries led to life threatening incidents like; burgling his car and office on different occasions.

Bukola Adewunmi

Bukola Adewunmi, an investigative journalist with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). In one of her encounter to provide reliable and valid information to citizens, she was arrested along with her children by security personnel for investigating a case involving government and the private sector.  She believes in standing for the truth, and reporting news accurately and truthfully.

Bravo Otohabru

Bravo Otohabru, a Pharmacist by profession, currently the Supply Chain Director at the National Agency for the Control of Aids (NACA), Abuja, Nigeria. In order to maintain integrity of the supply chain distribution process at his workplace, he put measures in place to ensure transparency and accountability in. He ensures bidding processes, screening exercises and selection of eligible contractors are transparent and open, even though there is external pressure to circumvent the process. Bravo feels a great sense of pride when he does the right thing.
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