Nigeria 2017

Nuzo Eziechi

Nuzo Eziechi serves at the Bureau of Public Enterprise, Abuja where she carries out her duties (HR policies and Business Strategy alignment, workforce planning, learning and development) dutifully and has become a role model to many in her work environment. Nuzo refuses to take bribes from anyone, and ensures that the Bureau’s standards and values are upheld despite the challenges. 

Igbolo Magdalene

Igbolo Magdalene is seasoned lecturer at the University of Abuja where she helps to build the next generation of responsible leaders in Nigeria. She refuses to give in to dishonesty, rejecting bribes from students and pushing back against admitting the relatives and friends of government officials to the university if they are not academically qualified. 

Ogumelen Justina

Ogumelen Justina serves with the Federal Capital Territory, Agricultural Development Program where she supports and encourages farmers in rural communities by empowering them with relevant information and other resources needed to increase their efficiency. She is an official with great integrity, who refuses to take bribes for access to the resources she controls.

Yemi Kale

Yemi Kale is the Statistician General at the National Bureau of Statistics where she ensures that the numbers and projections we need as a nation are meticulously collated and made readily available for use. His integrity has seen him strive to uphold the dignity of his office against all the odds, refusing to alter national statistics to impress the government and releasing only the correct statistics to Nigerians.

Tubokenimi David

Tubokenimi David serves at the State House Medical Centre in Abuja as a Physiotherapist, where she provides meticulous health care services to her clients, saving lives and going the extra mile to ensure citizens stay healthy. As a person of integrity, she advocates vociferously for young girls, encouraging greater awareness around education, gender equality and gender-related health issues.
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