Nepal 2019

Punya Prabha Devkota

Senior ANM (Auxiliary Nurse Midwife) District Hospital, Mugu. The residents of Karnali lack access to basic services and the health services available to them are only sustained by dedicated health workers like Punya Prabha Devkota. Saddened by the untimely deaths of many people in her village, including her own father who died from Asthma as he could not access treatment in time, she decided at a young age to become a health worker and serve the people of her community. Punya Prabha has now served as a Senior ANM for 19 years in the District Hospital of Mugu in Karnali. Patients, especially women, in the village feel safer knowing that they do not need to travel far to receive treatment while Punya Prabha is around. Born and raised in Karnali, Punya Prabha has an intimate understanding of the problems facing this community. She can feel the pain of the patients and stands as a trusted caregiver for all seeking medical attention.

Ishwar Subedi

Food Investigation Officer Department of Food Technology and Quality Control, Kathmandu Ishwar Subedi is passionate about quality food and brings a high level of expertise to his work. He created ‘Khadya Swachha Samuha’, a group for clean food comprised of concerned citizens, local police officers and members of the hotel association. Established in Muglin, the initiative soon inspired similar efforts in nearby districts, and a ranking system was created for hotels and restaurants. To date, 574 hotels have been ranked. This has made it easier for customers to choose based on quality and fostered healthy competition among the different hotels. Ishwar has 17 years of experience working in the department and holds a PhD in the same field. He has never worked for personal gain, but in recognition of his efforts, he received an award from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Gyanendra Kumar Mishra

Under Secretary Ministry of Forests and Environment, Project Facilitation section Similar to other individuals, Gyanendra’s only goal when he started service was to secure his future with a government job. However, he soon realized the potential of government to transform society and he developed a sense of responsibility for his nation. When Gyanendra was Head of Project on the Sagarmatha Forest Development, around 2600 hectares of land was under encroachment by locals who would cut down trees for personal use. He organized a plantation campaign with the assistance of 500 Nepali police officers and the Nepal Armed Police. Today, the government has taken back 2000 hectares of land and has been successful in tree planting, transforming once empty land into a lush green forest full of trees. Gyanendra is known for including concerned stakeholders and various authorities in his efforts to set up programs and formulate plans. This approach has contributed to enhancing partnerships and growing trust between government and citizens.

Prem Bahadur Darai

English Teacher Shri Bhanu Secondary School, Tanahu Prem Bahadur is an English teacher at Shri Bhanu Secondary School in Tanahu, which was formerly a primary school with Prem as Principal. During that time, many children from marginalized communities did not pursue further education after completing primary due to lack of awareness and economic status. Most parents would send their children to countries in the gulf to work in menial jobs and earn money for the family. Prem realised that if the same school could provide primary and secondary education, it would be easier for the children to continue their studies. Through discussions with both teachers and parents, his vision slowly but surely came to life. However, despite being a fitting candidate to lead this new school, Prem selflessly chose to give up his Principal position. Due to Prem’s efforts, many children in the community have stepped into a school for the first time, and many of his former students are now contributing to society as doctors, engineers and NGO personnel.

Kajiman Rai

Chief Administrative Officer, Chulachuli Rural Municipality, Illam Kajiman has a wealth of experience working at the local level. Before he came to Chulachuli Rural Municipality, major physical development work was at a standstill but thanks to  him, the infrastructure of the Rural Municipality is now expected to be finished within schedule. Kajiman’s transparent attitude and practice have helped him maintain order. He implemented a new procurement process to make it clearer and more transparent, and change the trend of purchasing products from the same store. As per the new rule, from this year, the purchase cost for the entire year needs to be estimated and approval secured from the Rural Municipality before any funds are released. The same has been followed at the local level. This practice has not only increased economic discipline among staff members and residents, but also improved trust in local government.
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