Nepal 2018

Mahendra Prashad Paudyal

The passionate under-secretary who inspires youths and creates change. Mahendra Prasad Paudyal is the undersecretary for the Ministry of Youth and Sport in Singhadurbar, Kathmandu. His colleagues know him as someone who places integrity and accountability at the centre of his work with youths. When working as district education officer, Mahendra introduced software which recorded both the income and expenditure of public schools automatically to stop education funding being misspent. Mahendra also creates opportunities for youth to mobilise around national issues, for example – after the 2015 earthquakes, he gathered over 10,000 youths who contributed to relief projects such as building temporary classrooms. He understands the importance of accountability and passing on these values to the next generation.

Dhurba Raj Acharya

The hardworking administrative officer who brings a smile to the faces of service seekers. Dhruba Raj Acharya is the Chief Administrative Officer for the Tikapur Municipality in Kailali. He is known by his colleagues as the civil servant who really listens to the concerns of citizens who visit his office. One of his colleagues stated: “The ones who preach and practice the same thing are my idols. That is the reason why Dhruba Raj Acharya is my idol”. Dhruba believes that every major and minor decision made by the government directly affects Nepali citizens and therefore, all government activities should be transparent and accountable. Because of this belief, he invites the media to the announcement of any government decision and encourages them to report honestly about these. As of yet, journalists have only positive things to say about Dhruba and his administration.

Sita Kumari Sharma

The committed health worker and friend to women and adolescent girls. Sita Kumari Sharma is the Auxiliary Nurse Midwife for Birendranagar Municipal Health Office, Surkhet. She is known as both a health worker and friend to the community. Sita is accountable to all those she is responsible for, ensuring that all flood-affected areas, schools and rural communities have the health education and medication they need. Through her work, she discovered that girls were missing school during their menstrual cycle as they didn’t have access to sanitary products and female-friendly toilets. So, she introduced a campaign to distribute free sanitary pads to teenage girls and improve the toilets for them. After working with Sita, her colleagues agree that her unwavering commitment to women and girls pushes them to work harder, and their own integrity for their work increases just by following Sita’s lead. 

Arun Kafle

The agricultural expert who ensures he is available to all farmers. Arun Kafle is the Senior Horticulture Development Officer, in Khumaltar, Lalitpur. His colleagues know him as an agricultural expert who works tirelessly to support farmers in transitioning from subsistence farming to commercial farming. Arun was instrumental in the introduction of ‘soil-less’ farming technology in Nepal, meaning farmers are able to harvest more crops with less land. He prioritises accountability and transparency by providing up-to-date information about farming subsidies and official decisions clearly on the website. He has also made the subsidy process more accountable by ensuring that farming subsidies are only being sent to authentic farmers, and not ‘fake’ farmers.

Ram Bahadur Kurumbang

The administrator who prioritizes human values and norms above the laws. Ram Bahadur Kurumbang is the Chief District Officer for Bardiya district. He instructs his staff to be accountable to both the land and the people they are serving. He also visits the communities he serves twice a month to discuss issues with them in person before working hard to address these. Through this face-to-face discussion, Ram ensures he is being accountable to the citizens in the community. Additionally, after learning of the long-distance citizens had to travel to receive basic government services and the bureaucratic system that met them on their arrival, Ram decided to provide them with the services right on their doorstep. Following his lead, the Ministry of Home Affairs began organising their own mobile government camps.
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