Nepal 2016

Dor Bikram Shrees

Shrees has led the efforts to make Siddhababa Higher Secondary School a renowned school in the district of Gulmi, but he refuses to take the sole credit for the school’s improvement claiming that everyone has contributed to this effort. Siddhababa Higher Secondary School has become a desirable option for families who want to provide their children with quality education, but are unable to afford the skyrocketing private school fees that have led many families into debt. With Shrees’s leadership, the school initiated compulsory computer classes, equipped classrooms with multimedia equipment, and set up a library with more than eight thousand books. He established a Trust Fund from the Lilaram-Kuntidevi National Prize of 50,000 NPR he was awarded, and uses the interest acquired from the Fund to provide scholarships for outstanding students with financial hardships. Today, there are fifteen similar Trust Funds in the school.

Tara Subedi

Tara Subedi is vital person for women in remote areas. The close ties between Subedi and her community developed over many years of her selfless and dedicated service. As a health assistant, Subedi has even wrapped new-borns in her own saree after delivery. Subedi’s first and foremost priority has always been the wellbeing of her community; even waking up in the middle of the night to deliver medicine to a patient’s house. After being informed by Subedi, citizens previously unaware of health services in their community are now using the services. Good work sometimes also faces resistance. During the Maoist insurgency, Subedi received threats from both sides in the conflict, accusing her of providing health services to the enemy. She even received death threats for taking action against staff who were not doing their job, but none of this wavered her commitment to her work.

Bhishma Kumar Bhusal

Bhisma Kumar Bhusal’s friends and colleagues claim that he possesses all the desirable qualities sought in a public servant. According to the CEO of the National Reconstruction Authority, Sushil Gyawali, Bhusal has the ability to empathize with the public, is honest and of a moral character. But more importantly, Bhusal holds a firm stance against corruption. After the catastrophic earthquakes last year, Bhusal played a crucial role in the creation of the reconstruction budget as well as raising awareness about the disbursement of relief funds. By dealing in an exemplary way with banks and financial institutions, he made sure the funds reached the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. He has also been leading the efforts in managing foreign aid and collaborating with NGOs and INGOs for the reconstruction process.

Bindu Kunwar

Seek Bindu if you need justice’ is a common saying among the women of Banke. There are very few institutions in the country that deal with issues of violence against women, so women from all 75 districts reach out to her and consult her about the processes to address violence of varying nature. Because of Kunwar’s expertise in addressing cases of violence against women, many even call her the ‘Process Dictionary’ for women who have been victims of violence. Service seekers say that you can reach Kunwar from four in the morning till ten at night and she is always prepared to answer and advise people who call from all over Nepal. The Rupediha border in Nepalgunj is a trafficking hotspot. Kunwar has rescued and brought back many women who have been trafficked into India and has singlehandedly dealt with more than twelve hundred cases of orphans, women who are victims of violence, and senior citizens seeking justice.

Krishna Dhanchha

As government schools struggle to retain students, Bageshwari Higher Secondary School receives 400 new students every year, some even from private schools, speaking volumes about the quality of the school. In 2071 B.S. a student of Bageshwari, Ayusha Suwal, ranked second nationwide in the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination with 92.39%. The school also had the highest rate of students (156 students) taking the SLC exam in Bhaktapur. Dhanchha received the ‘National Education Award’ twice for his contribution to the education sector. A fellow teacher, Bhanubhakta Humagain spoke about how Dhanchha received a regional award for education and gave the prize of 10,000 NPR to the school.
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