Nepal 2015

Bhuwan Kumari Rai

Bhuwan Kumari Rai, a resource person of the hilly district Khotang, is actively working against women violence as Women Development Inspector. She gives consultation to women of one municipality and 72 vdcs. Khotang is one of the underdeveloped district of Eastern Development Region. National and International Non-Government Organizations even hesitate to implement their programs in this district and therefore it is not an easy task to visit all the 72 vdcs. Every day there are cases of rape in the district. Most of the girls are raped by their relatives. Some of them are even raped by their own father and grand-fathers. Those girls are rejected by society resulting in some committing suicide. Rai has played a vital role to re-settling the victims back into their communities.

Deepak Shrestha

When we talk about government or community schools, image of poor/unmanaged building, minimum number of students and unmodern management emerge in our mind. However, those who visit Beni Community Higher Secondary School located in Beni of Myagdi district changes this mindset. This is all made possible by the school Headmaster Dipak Shrestha. Shrestha, who played a major role in making the school best of Nepal 2069 (2012 AD), is an efficient administrator as well as a proficient manager. Every class is equipped with fan to generate student friendly environment. Disabled friendly infrastructures are developed. Library, laboratory, computer lab, sports ground are developed and are monitored by cc camera.

Ramesh Kumar Thapa

Ramesh Kumar Thapa, Assistant Management Officer of National Park and Wildlife Conservation Department Babarmahal, worked in Bardiya National Park for 22 years. During this time, the armed conflict meant Security force of Nepal Army, responsible for conservation, was centred in the highway whereas Nepal Police was positioned in district headquarters due to security reasons. Meanwhile the rhinoceros transferred from Chitwan were being killed by poachers. The residents of four village development committees of Surkhet which lies at the Northern border of the National Park namely Chinchu, Hariharpur, Lekhparajul and Taranga were living under poverty line. They were unemployed, uneducated and illegal hunting of wild animals was their profession. They were made aware of wildlife conservation and why this was important. 241 of them submitted their illegal weapons to the staffs of the National Park. This success could be compared to chewing iron flakes.

Pradip Raj Kanel

Pradip Raj Kandel has contributed greatly in protecting public rights, organizing public hearings and creating an inclusive opportunity. Kandel has worked in Mustang, Mahottari, Solukhumbu and Panchthar districts. During his stay in Mustang, Kandel played a major role to organize a bilateral discussion in January 1st 2006, which provided easy travel access to the Mustang people and created an environment of trade and commerce. This happened despite travel restrictions for people living within 30kms of the border. People of Mustang relate this achievement to gaining freedom.

Ram Narayan Shah

Ram Narayan Shah, an expert in Mathematics and Nepali, uses technology and does a lot of homework before training teachers. In the words of Balkrishna Ranjit, Kathmandu District Education Officer, coordination between government and private schools is the key factor to end the increasing gap between them. Ram Narayan Shah is one of them who is working for the coordination. With a belief that partnership can support in improving the quality of school education, Shah, a resource person, is engaged in implementing the concept of group training and clinical supervision in order to bring uniformity in school education.
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