Mexico 2019

Héctor Agustín Gálvez López

Héctor Agustín Gálvez López is the Coordinator of the Addiction centre in the Preventive Penitentiary Varonil SUR. He began group therapy within the addiction treatment of the Preventive Prison for Southern Men approximately nine years ago and has contributed to a higher percentage of recovery in the prison population. Thanks to his initiative, group therapy has now been extended to other centres and Hector trains other professionals equally committed to the dissemination the values that make his rehabilitation practices effective.

Aura Eréndira Martínez Oriol

Aura Eréndira Martínez Oriol is the Director of Budget Transparency at the Digital Public Innovation Agency in Mexico City. Since entering public service, Aura has spearheaded various projects that promote transparency and accountability, such as Mexico City's Budget Transparency portal and the Social Welfare Information System (SIBIS), for which it was recognized with the Inter-American Development Bank's Governor's Award. She is also co-founder of the "Mukira" Organization, which works with women to improve their quality of life and help them gain access to justice.

Jabnely Maldonado Meza

Jabnely Maldonado Meza is the General Director of Affected People in the Commission for the Reconstruction of the Mexico City. Jabnely actively participates in the titanic task of rebuilding and rehabilitating the homes of thousands of victims after the earthquake of September 19, 2017. Since joining the Commission for Reconstruction in December 2018, Jabnely has dedicated her time to caring for the earthquake victims, guiding them through their legal processes and ensuring that each family has a route to follow.

Janet de Luna Jiménez

Janet de Luna Jiménez is the General Director of Development Planning and Economic Promotion in Alcaldía Azcapotzalco. She is committed to policies for the sustainable development of cities as spaces in which people can exercise their rights. As General Director and coordinator of an ambitious project such as Vallejo-i, she has been able to reach great agreements with the various institutions and coordinators involved. The project has been recognized by the Head of Government as one of the most important commitments of the City. Her work has allowed her to position herself and participate in high-level forums (UN-NY and UN-Nairobi, UNAM, Chamber of Deputies) and to publish technical documents such as the National Programme for Urban Development 2014-2018 and opinion articles in Animal Político, Huff Post Mx and Revista Política y Gobierno.

Pedro Correa Espinosa

Pedro Correa Espinosa works in the Mayor's Office in Tlalpan and is in charge of promoting citizen participation in Pueblo Santa Úrsula Xitla. As part of his work, he reports on programs of the Mayor's Office and Mexico City and then disseminates them among the inhabitants of his town without any restrictions or conditions. He maintains an equal balance of men and women employees in his team as he considers gender equity to be a top management priority. In addition, he works closely with a civil association that is dedicated to providing assistance to women by promoting the LUNA programme in support of women victims of violence.
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