Mali 2020


Sergeant Seydou Dao is a Prison and Probation Officer in Djenne.  Sergeant DAO graduated from the Certificate of Professional Aptitude (CAP) as an assistant accountant and bank stockbroker at the Commercial Technical Center (CETEC) in 2004. He began his professional career in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) from 2006 to the date of his admission to the civil service in 2012 as a technical officer of the penitentiary administration and supervised education. Supervisor Seydou Dao is presented by his colleagues as a professional, dedicated, honest and honest officer with integrity in all his daily tasks. He oversees the implementation of hygiene and sanitation activities within the prison. Isaac SANOGO, governor of the prison, presents Sergeant Seydou Dao as a respectful agent, a good executor, submissive, social and courageous. Determined and committed as he is, Sergeant DAO aims to continue his studies to be able to serve his country at a higher level of responsibility.


Judge Moussa Abdoulaye Diarra is of the 2008-2010 promotion, based in Yanfolila. He is a magistrate of honesty and integrity. Mr. Diarra is a man of faith and a fervent practitioner of the Muslim religion. This led him to retire for a while from his duties as a judge, to join the National Directorate of Judicial Affairs and Seals (DNAJS) and thus to extricate himself from strong temptations. Upon his arrival in September 2019 in the Justice of the Peace with Extended Jurisdiction of Yanfolila (JPCE), he put a stop to attempts at corruption and the buying of conscience. "Two people who used to bring gifts (money or material goods) to the judges were thanked and asked to bring back their gifts by Judge Diarra. A practice that is very common in cities and other localities, which is nothing more and nothing less than corruption. Said a journalist host at Radio Ouassolou in Yanfolila.


Mrs. Mariam Diarra, of Seizure Agent, the brave lady is today Assistant to the Head of the Finance Department of the National Border Directorate (DNF), she is wife, mother, modern-day Amazon and devoted to her work. She is available at any time and in any place for work, she is the centerpiece of data entry in her department. Her frankness is a quality, she knows how to listen and be listened to. Mrs. Mariam is a respectful, ambitious person who is always looking for improvement. She has many other activities such as, after service at TDR, going to other offices for additional data entry or she does not hesitate to hold several positions in order to be able to ensure her children's school fees.


Dr. Gaoussou says Abdel Kader SIMPARA is the Technical Director of CSCom of Kayes-Khasso, a very humble man respected by the whole city. He obtained his doctorate at the FMPOS of Bamako in 2010, followed by numerous trainings in the field of health: Attestation of Inspiration at the Order of Physicians in August 2010; Attestation in Ultrasound at the CHU du Point-G in March 2011; Attestation in Emergency Obstetrical and neonatal care in December 2011; Attestation of Trainers on essential care of the newborn in September 2013. Dr. SIMPARA is renowned for his availability and sense of responsibility. Since his arrival, he has succeeded in making the Kayes Khasso Community Health Center a reference today through his management capacity and especially the care of patients.


Mrs. Aïssata SANGHO, after joining the civil service in 2007, served in the SAMAR commune of Gourma-Rharous from 2016 before being transferred to the urban commune of Gourma-Rharous at the basic school of Rharous 2 as a teacher in the 2nd year class. She has always inspired her fellow teachers by her assiduity, professionalism, punctuality and social character. Mrs. SANGHO is highly appreciated by the students for her courage to offer more support to follow students with learning difficulties. The municipal councillor of the circle in charge of education qualifies her as a hard-working woman devoted to the service of her school and her community; despite her very busy professional life, Mrs. Aïssata SANGHO is a housewife who fully plays her role as a mother.
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