Mali 2019


Water and Forestry Technical Officer in Koro in the Mopti region. Coming from the Tabacoro Forest Training Centre, Mr. Diakité joined the civil service in 2015 and was posted to Koro for his first time in the Mopti region. Despite limited means and a lack of transport, he uses his own motorcycle to carry out forest controls in his current position as Water and Forestry Technical Officer.


Chief Medical Officer of the Sikasso Health District. As Chief Medical Officer of the Sikasso Health District, Dr Coulibaly has brought consistency and order to the department with regular oversight meetings. She's also the first female doctor head of the CSRéf of Sikasso. She is described by her colleagues as an exemplary leader, who not only entrusts people with responsibility but also ensures their growth and development.


Coordinator of the Societe Energie du Mali SA in Diré. Mr. Issa Traoré has been based in northern Mali since he took up his duties. Between January 1999 and June 2003, he was technical operating agent for the Timbuktu power plant and from June 2003 to December 2014 he worked as head of the Kidal power plant. Since December 2014, he has been the Energy Coordinator of Mali for Diré. Since his arrival, the city of Diré has not experienced any major power cuts or power outages.


Ministry Policy Officer of African Integration, Bamako. Despite her busy schedule, Mrs. Sidibé is very active with women and youth associations in the Bamako district. Young people affectionately call her "Auntie" for her guidance and advice on the dangers of illegal migration. It encourages and promotes youth entrepreneurship through business creation. Mrs Sidibé works as Ministry Policy Officer of African Integration in Bamako.


Education adviser in charge of girls' schooling in Dioila. Having graduated from the Institut Pédagogique d'Enseignement Général (IPEG) in 1983, Mrs Coulibaly joined the civil service at the N'Kourala Public School (Sikasso). After a series of promotions, she found herself in Dioila in 1992 where she taught in two (2) schools: Socoura B and Socoura West. In 1999, she was appointed head of girls' schooling and pedagogical advisor for the same component in 2004. She now works as a generalist pedagogical adviser in charge of girls' schooling. She is particularly active in the field of gender-based violence, working on awareness-raising activities with parents on the importance of schooling and the harmful consequences of early marriage.
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