Mali 2016


Maiga teaches math at Bandiougou Bouare secondary school in Segou. Although math is her assigned subject, she is especially dedicated to both her female and underprivileged students. She arrives on time every day with a good attitude, demonstrating to her students the benefits of honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic. After school hours, you can find Ms. Maiga tutoring struggling students long after others have left. When asked why she goes above and beyond her duties, she simply states, “Whatever we do and wherever we do it, we must do it the best we can, because it's the only way to feel right when you return back home at the end of the day.”


Drissa Goita is an administrator of social and humanitarian services. He is known by his coworkers in Sikasso for his refusal to sink into corruption, even when corrupt colleagues cause problems for him. In his eyes, integrity means being a hard worker and refusing to take the easy way over the right way. Drissa dedicates himself to using what's given, money in particular, to improve his service to the citizens rather than improve his own life. On this, he firmly believes, “We must deserve our salary, no matter what happened, it's our responsibility to be sure we have what we are paid every month for.”


Maria Louise Keita is a nurse with the Military Health Service of Sikasso. She's respected by colleagues, patients and friends for her commitment to help others. Outside of work, she can be found supporting civil servants and anyone else in need of help. Honesty and integrity are crucial values ​​for her, and she strives to be a role model for the next generation. In her roles as a nurse and civil servant, she is faced daily with, "the idea of ​​how to serve everyone the best people all around, no matter where they are from and how rich."


Issa Dia of Bamako county is a military career man, but that doesn't mean he isn't interested in improving the lives of children. He began LAYIDU, a community initiative dedicated to educating young people by engaging them in sports. Hundreds of children in thirteen military camps around the country were given the chance to learn and play together in this unique program. His devotion to his job and helping his community, as well as his honesty and hard work, make Issa Dia a man of great integrity. His philosophy is this: “Between the desert and the savannah, the difference is not the water, but man who can transform everything. He can create life where there is none and destroy where there is plenty and I think as a member of the military I have to support communities the best I can wherever I go. ”


Seydou Djourte is a teacher and the director of Cholabougou primary school in Koulikoro. Although he often dreamt of living in a big city, he couldn't ignore the great need he saw in Cholabougou. The village lacked running water and many basic amenities, but Seydou knew he could at least provide its children with an education. To him, integrity means seeing a need and doing your best to help, which is just what he did by building a school and teaching in it himself. Thanks to Seydou, generations of children have been educated, and he hopes to extend this work across all of Mali.
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