Liberia 2018

Patricia Togba

Patricia Togba is a Technical Assistant for the Department for Research, Policy and Planning at Liberia’s Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection. She is known for motivating her team and always going the extra mile – even if it requires additional time or personal resources. She believes that a lack of punctuality and productivity are forms of corruption. During the Ebola crisis, she collaborated with Save the Children to provide psychosocial counseling for affected families, and continues to counsel fellow staff and youth within her community. “Integrity counts a lot, always be honest because you don’t know who is watching. Serve as a positive role model to others.”

Michael Dahn

Michael Dahn is the Deputy Commander at the Kakata Police Station in Margibi County. Michael is described by his colleagues as down to earth yet committed to the highest performance of his duties. He works directly with the Liberian National Police Standard Division which investigates police misconduct – including internal allegations of police taking bribes from citizens. He is well-known among his colleagues for refusing to bend the rules – no matter the person nor the circumstances. “See people like yourself, once you aren’t showing difference to others, you treat people equally.”

James K. Saybay

James K. Saybay is an administrator at Bong County Technical College located in Gbarnga, Bong County, which operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. James is well known across the county for his strong stance on integrity in the education system. He openly refused to give students grades for failed courses. During his service at the Supreme Court of Liberia, he stayed committed to following several challenging, even controversial cases through to resolution. Outside of his normal work responsibilities, he has mobilized his surrounding communities to implement a farm-to-markets road project that ultimately completed 32 roads across Bong county using local tools. He also worked closely with nurses in Bong County to provide safety awareness and prevention support during the Ebola epidemic in Liberia. “Whatever we do in life, we should know that we are surrounded by witnesses. Do whatever you do to the best of your abilities.”

Marpue Yekeku

Marpue Yekeku is a registered nurse at Johnsonville Public Clinic located in Johnsonville City, Montserrado County under Liberia’s Ministry of Health. She performs her duties at work and in her community with diligence, patience, and passion. She follows up with her patients, individually calling them to remind them to pick up their medication on time. She is well trusted by her community – serving as financial secretary for her church, contributing personally to the church building project, and supporting her neighbors in paying their bills. Marpue also runs an orphanage started by her parents before they passed away, supporting more than 50 children. “I ask the public, especially nurses, to serve with passion and do their jobs to the best of their abilities, which leads to greater integrity.”

James Dorbor Jallah

James Dorbor Jallah is the Executive Director of the Public Procurement Concessions Commission (PPCC). Prior to directing the PPCC, James oversaw the University of Liberia Testing and Evaluation Center. James remains committed to working with integrity and honesty no matter the social pressure. In one instance, over 20,000 students were found to have failed the entrance exam. Instead of giving in to public demands to change the results, he refused. He took an equally strong stance against 68 contractual agreements that failed PPCC criteria – not giving in to titles or bribery to change his views ( “What I would like to tell the public, especially my counterparts in government, is that we have a small country, with a lot of resources, and if we can all commit, if we do the right thing for our country, [then] we will be able to turn this country around to a prosperous one.”
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