Liberia 2017

Rebecca Scotland

Rebecca is a Physician’s Assistant Instructor at the Tubman National Institute of Medical Arts. Outside of work she teaches health at her church. Mrs. Scotland takes health very seriously and has committed her life to her work. She knows the future of Liberia’s health system rests in the hands of the practitioners she is training. In a country where students are known to bribe instructors for good grades, Mrs. Scotland is an exception. In her free time, she leads health classes at her church.

Vivian Wamah

Vivian is the Registrar at a Pre-Primary School and outside of work runs a program to teach young girls skills and is the Secretary of a women’s group. In her community she is seen as a leader and to her husband, an equal partner in their work to build a successful agriculture business. They are currently scaling a cassava farm and raising pigs to support their family and using. They are using this enterprise to train young women in agriculture and animal husbandry.

Jefferson Dolo

Jefferson is the acting Chief of Procurement at the LNP. Outside of work he does the accounting for his church. Amongst his colleagues at the LNP, Mr. Dolo is seen as a straight shooter and a stickler for the rules. Mr. Dolo got to this position after working odd jobs for many years and putting himself through school where he gained an advanced degree. With that he was able to secure his current position.

Yaah Bellah Suah

Yaah Bellah is a county coordinator for the Ministry of Gender and outside of work she manages two schools. Ms. Suah speaks with a subtle confidence that exudes humility. She is know in her community as a hard worker who is looking out for everyone. In her position, she counsels couples on marital issues, leads topics on issues like rape, and empowers women through trainings. Outside of that she runs two schools. She tried to leave her post a couple years ago to focus on the schools but her supervisors begged her to stay and that she did.

Alphonso Rancy

Alphonso is the Chief of Leeward at the Liberian National Police. Outside of work he assists his wife’s ministry. Mr. Rancy has worked as a civil servant most of his life. Previously he was an agent of the DEA and then did a stent at the Fire Department before coming back to the DEA as a Chief. Rancy is know amongst his colleagues as being incorruptible and a hard worker focused on the interests of the Liberian people.
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