Liberia 2016

Musa Dorley

Musa was born and raised in Bonjeh, Bomi County where he is now Community Chairman, and he is determined to see the community thrive. For this purpose, he made sure a clinic was built, which has drastically improved health outcomes in Bonjeh. During the Ebola crisis, Musa commissioned a team to spread awareness and ensure that they went to health facilities, despite the widespread fear. In addition to these initiatives, Musa established a savings club for the women of Bonjeh so that they could become financially independent.

Bockarie Sakilla

Bockarie Sakilla has worked as a medical professional for a long time and currently serves as a pharmacist in a government hospital in Tubmanburg, Bomi county. While he helps people with their medications every day, he has gone even further and voluntarily paid for the education of students who couldn’t otherwise afford it. He visits communities without clinics and oversees the establishment of small medical shops with professionals to provide medication.

Sandra Roberts

Sandra Roberts has worked in the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications for 16 years and has never been content with the problems she saw around her – she has needed to fix them. She has constantly faced pressure to hire based on favoritism or patronage, but has always refused to succumb to it, hiring only based on merit. Her vision is of a Liberia where everyone is accountable for their actions.
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