Liberia 2015

Jugbeh Tarpleh Kekula

Jugbeh Kekula is a dedicated registered nurse who works in the emergency room at the Liberia Government Hospital in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County. She also volunteers to provide birth control and family planning information at a market in Buchanan. She says she became a nurse because she loves the nursing profession, serving nation, her people and humanity, and helping to save lives one way or the other.

Oliver K. Kuson

Oliver Kuson is committed to improving the education of children in Maryland County’s remote Barrobo district. He said he has held the post as an unpaid volunteer since 2009. He travels daily by foot to schools throughout the district to keep track of student and teacher attendance and to talk to students and their families about the importance of staying in school. Oliver says he love this community, his people and the people of Liberia so he will remain in the field, regardless of whether he is paid or not.

Daniel Gbety Nyenkan

Daniel Nyenkan is the court clerk at the Pleebo Magisterial Court in Maryland County, a position he has held since 2009. He is also county coordinator for Community Watch Forum, and he provides free water to his neighbors daily from a recently dug well in his front yard. He says his favorite thing about his work is having the opportunity to serve others. Daniel adds that though it’s tedious and constrained, he tries to do his best because this is a job that he does for his people, not for himself.

Comfort Nimely

Comfort Nimely is a caretaker at the Ministry of Internal Affairs office in Grand Kru County. She also volunteers with the Barclayville Marketeers Association and is a founding board member of the county’s only bank, Rural Community Finance Institution. She says you have to sacrifice yourself before money comes and that you have to do something to help your people.

Seorweh Dlayee Jaycheneh

Seorweh Jaycheneh is the lead prosecutor for criminal cases in the city of Pleebo, Maryland County. His job involves charging people with crimes and advising the police during their investigations. He began his 16-year career in law as a Justice of the Peace in Sinoe County, which is also where he grew up. He believes that what makes you a man of integrity is your consistency in following through on your word.
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