Integrity Fellowship – Nepal


The Integrity Fellowship is the newest project of the global Integrity Icon Campaign. It’s a month-long fellowship, where participants are given the opportunity to work with and learn from exceptional and exemplary public servants, highlighted nationwide for their high levels of integrity and accountability in both their personal and professional life.


Fellows will stay with our Integrity Icons for 30 days and help the Icons develop ideas, practice their work and learn from them.


  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge between young Nepalis and our Integrity Icons
  • To provide an immersive experiential learning opportunity for young Nepalis in accountable and transparent government
  • To provide key government reformers with committed and creative youth to support them in their efforts to build integrity in governance systems
  • To help young people develop professional skills and creativity in a governmental agency
  • Expose the fellows to the government sector and provide them an experience of working in public offices


  • Assist Icons in day-to-day duties in their respective posts.
  • Provide basic training in various technologies for the Icons, including social media.
  • Write a minimum of one blog about the experience.
  • (Responsibilities will vary depending on the fellow and the Icon and may include additional responsibilities.)