Integrity Fellowship – Nepal


The Integrity Fellowship is the newest project of the global Integrity Icon Campaign. It’s a month-long fellowship, where participants are given the opportunity to work with and learn from exceptional and exemplary public servants, highlighted nationwide for their high levels of integrity and accountability in both their personal and professional life.


Fellows will stay with our Integrity Icons for 30 days and help the Icons develop ideas, practice their work and learn from them.


  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge between young Nepalis and our Integrity Icons
  • To provide an immersive experiential learning opportunity for young Nepalis in accountable and transparent government
  • To provide key government reformers with committed and creative youth to support them in their efforts to build integrity in governance systems
  • To help young people develop professional skills and creativity in a governmental agency
  • Expose the fellows to the government sector and provide them an experience of working in public offices


  • Assist Icons in day-to-day duties in their respective posts.
  • Provide basic training in various technologies for the Icons, including social media.
  • Write a minimum of one blog about the experience.
  • (Responsibilities will vary depending on the fellow and the Icon and may include additional responsibilities.)



Anjana Dhakal is currently completing her undergraduate degree in agricultural studies at the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, IAAS, Lamjung. She is an avid explorer and she aspires to learn from her surroundings. Helping others and working for a better society is what motivates her and gives her immense satisfaction. Some of her hobbies include sports, photography, traveling and exploration besides her studies.

Anjana is extremely excited to work as an Integrity Fellow to learn and grow under the direct supervision of honorable and qualified idols who are flourishing in the Nepali public service sector.


Pritam Thapa is passionate about agriculture and now in the second year of his Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Science at Tribhuvan University at Lamjung, Nepal. During his leisure time, he likes to engage in agricultural-related activities that will benefit society. This motivates him. He is aiming to use his knowledge  his motherland of Nepal in the future. Pritam believes that having the value of integrity leads people to use resources wisely. So, he is developing his own understanding of integrity through this new opportunity as he is now a 2018 Integrity Idol Fellow 2018.


Saroj Burlakoti is currently studying a Bachelors degree in agriculture at lamjung campus, Tribhuvan University. He is enthusiastic about learning and working in agriculture related programs, and he has made large contributions to the ‘creative thinkers society’, Lamjung Chapter. Being selected for the Integrity Idol fellowship program that is directly linked to Integrity Idol 2018, he is especially excited about meeting Mr. Arun Raj Kafle. Saroj believes this fellowship will further motivate him to deliver results in his future career.


Prayusha Bhattarai from Hetauda, Makawanpur, is  currently studying a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture (B.Sc.Ag) at IAAS, Tribhuvan University. She is motivated to better understand herself in every possible way and aims to learn a new thing every day. With the same hope of exploring and learning she joined the Integrity Fellowship 2018 cohort. Through this opportunity, she had the chance to shadow the Integrity Idol 2018 finalist, Arun Kafle, who is Senior Horticulture Development Officer in Khumaltar, Lalitpur. Through this fellowship Prayusha wants to enhance the values of integrity amongst youths and she is  very motivated to do this.


Pratik Hamal describes himself as a young, energetic and motivated individual who recently completed his bachelor’s degree in social work with psychology. He enjoys meeting new peoples of different backgrounds and sharing and exchanging new ideas. He loves to participate in different cultural, religious and social programs and participates in a variety of volunteering activities. Until now, he has done several other internships. Pratik is a passionate about technology, traveling and photography. Being a social work student, he has always wanted to do something meaningful for his country related to the working process of governmental offices. Thus, he decided to join this fellowship and hopes it will help him to better understand himself, develop new skills and build networks.


Prajwal is both a social activist and third year BBA student, currently studying in Patan Multiple College, Lalitpur. Being a social worker, he wants to contribute to his country in every way possible through his managerial and communication skills. In his free time, he enjoys travelling, spending time in rural communities, going on treks, making music, doing adventure sports and exploring nature. He loves what he does and has a steady source of motivation that drives him to do his best. Prajwal thrives on challenge and constantly set goals for himself, so he has something to strive towards. He is naturally outgoing, conversational and quick at finding ways to feel at home in groups of complete strangers, whilst also making them feel comfortable in his presence. He finds this skill to be particularly useful when initiating projects with new clients.


Binayak Ghimire is currently studying a Bachelors in Information Systems at LACM, Kathmandu University. He also works as the Secretary of the LEO Club of Kathmandu ALKA. He says his ultimate goal in life is to act for a change and he firmly believes that small acts can bring about change. His hope for the future is to be in a position where his words will influence people in a positive way. For him, the most important reason for partaking in the Integrity Idol fellowship programme is the opportunity for him to learn the values upheld by the appointed Integrity Idol. Binayak wants to better understand himself and his surroundings and be better prepared for any problems he may encounter in the future.


Bhanubhakta Adhikari is an energetic student pursuing a B.Sc. in Agriculture at Tribhuvan University. He is the coordinator of the ‘Creative Thinkers Society’ and Vice President of external relations; IAAS Nepal LC Lamjung. He adores traveling to new places, networking with like-minded people and cramming new ideas. Bhanubhakta believes that this fellowship can further enhance his knowledge of governmental procedures and good governance. He believes that integrity is the only option for a long-standing government that is free of corruption.


Aasma Sharma is an agricultural student and has been advocating for youth engagement, women empowerment and other issues related to agriculture throughout her studies. She has also held the position of leader for various youth organizations. Aasma is an aspiring agriculture researcher and she is passionate about increasing youths participation and interest in agriculture. She has previously completed an internship under the Prime Minister’s Agriculture Modernization Project. For her, the Integrity fellowship is an invaluable opportunity to work in close proximity with the government official who has been crowned an idol due to their high level of integrity. She believes this fellowship will help her identify her own integrity and be a responsible citizen for her country.


Suvechchha is currently studying Masters in International Relationship and Diplomacy at Tribhuvan University. She was previously a Young Women Political Leadership Institute (YWPLI) fellow at Women Lead Nepal. Passionate about exploring new things, she joined Integrity Fellowship to meet more like-minded people who have interests in politics and governance. Suvechchha loves socializing with different people and listen to their perspectives and opinions on subjects matters that interest her as well.

Appointed with: Bhishma Kumar Bhusal and Srijana Tiwari, Kathmandu